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President's Message

Sakata Kimio
President’s Message for 2013
SKY Aerospace Institute
(JAXA Associate)

Forty-one years ago, Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ) was established in order to promote and expand the activities of the Gas Turbine technologies and engineering development in Japan. Since then, progress of this area in Japan has been remarkable with its contribution to the nation’s energy and economy issues. It must be believed there were significant efforts in the hard and intellectual works dedicated by the members of our Society. I, Kimio Sakata as the 42nd president of GTSJ, am proud of the past accomplishments of the Society performed by my predecessors. I want to serve to this world by doing my best in GTSJ with collaborative support from the staffs and members by putting all my experiences and knowledge gained in NAL (National Aerospace Lab.), JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and then IHI Corporation.

The Society expanded its area to the energy systems adding to the Gas Turbine, in occasion of new organizational formation of a public-interest juridical body in 2011. Last year, 2012, the Society celebrated 40th anniversary, and the very fruitful history in the term has been recognized together with the following heritages. In 1971, just the year of GTSJ establishment, Japan initiated the Fan Engine R&D Project aiming obtaining technological readiness for high-bypass turbofan engine. The developed research engine FJR710 had brought the chance of joining the world aeroengine club to Japanese industries by functioning as an origin of V2500 international collaborative engine. From 1981 to 1990, the High-efficiency Gas Turbine project for electric power generation has been promoted. The successful results including the world highest thermal efficiency at that time brought world class Gas Turbine industry in our nation. We are very much proud of the accomplishments done by the seniors represented by those.

The Japanese situations of energy related sectors have been drastically changed after the tragic event of North Japan Earthquake and the following energy crisis. The circumferential conditions of the world fuel and energy systems are also changed very much. Besides as for the aeroengine industry, the aircraft market will expand rapidly by growing the world air-traffic demand, especially in Asia. Those conditions are subjects to be considered to the engineers and researchers of Gas Turbine and energy systems to work hard for better products. GTSJ should support those people by providing the patios for technical exchange and scientific discussions, and the important information about the state of the art technology and products gathered from the world.

The year of 2013 must be the epoch-making year for the Society with several new systems, such as new editorial committee of the technical reports and publications, the target-oriented in-house research programs, sincere and timely adoption of valuable advices from the new domestic and international advisory committees, and other trials for richness of the Society’s member service. The first original and official GTSJ textbook “Gas Turbine Engineering” which is fulfilled with the high quality technical information accumulated by the voluntary experts, is ready to publish (in July 2013). The book will be frequently used to the seminar and the educational events of GTSJ, and also expected to use in the class rooms of universities. We must continue to revise the book for renewal of the information and technical issues related to the Gas Turbines and the aeroengines. The strengthened financial basis of the Society with the new member fee system will also help us to perform the aims.

We hope to continue to provide the solutions and conveniences to the Society members and cooperative peoples and bodies to strengthen their academic and engineering capabilities on the Gas Turbines and energy systems keep its leading role in this field. Finally, I want to express sincere gratitude to the members, the secretariat, the support companies and organizations for their dedication and cooperation.