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President's Message

Message from the President
Yoshihiro Aburatani

GTSJ aims to contribute to a sustainable society through various activities promoting science and technology related to gas turbines, propulsion and energy systems. These activities are supported by over 2000 individuals and over 100 corporate members. GTSJ is an entity focusing on energy systems especially related to gas turbine, which always strives for top-class engineering using the latest technologies and earnestly seeks to motivate enthusiastic engineers.

GTSJ promotes both domestic and international activities to support such enthusiastic engineers and researchers, to provide and exchange valuable information, and to enlarge their community.

We hold the International Gas Turbine Congress (IGTC) every four years and the Asian Congress of Gas Turbine (ACGT), in collaborating with Korean, Chinese and Indian academic organizations, every two years, the latter of which will be held this August in Iwate, Japan.

We would like to welcome many participants who are interested in gas turbines, propulsion and energy systems from all over the world.