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Journal of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan

No. Special issue etc.
Vol.40 No.6
Nov. 2012
Special Issue"The forefront of CFD technology related to gas turbine"
Vol.40 No.5
Sep. 2012
Special Issue"Women at work in GT"
Vol.40 No.4
Jul. 2012
Special Issue"Recent Trend of Maintenance and Repair Technologies on Gas Turbine"
Vol.40 No.3
May. 2012
Special Issue"Techonology Trends and Recent Development in Gas Turbine Systems for Aircraft and Power Generation"
Vol.40 No.2
Mar. 2012
Special Issue"Technology Trends and Recent Development in Wind Power Generation"
Vol.40 No.1
Jan. 2012
Special Issue"State of the Art and Recent Trend of the Small / Mobile Power Generators"
Vol.39 No.6
Nov. 2011
Special Issue"New Fuel Production Technologies and Fuel Utilization Technologies for the Fuel Diversification"
Vol.39 No.5
Sep. 2011
Special Issue"Present Status of usage for Renewable Natural Energy"
Vol.39 No.4
Jul. 2011
Special Issue"Rare Metal and Rare Earth used for Gas Turbine"
Vol.39 No.3
May 2011
Special Issue"Unsteady Phenomena of Heat and Fluid Flow"
Vol.39 No.2
Mar. 2011
Special Issue"Unsteady Phenomena of Heat and Fluid Flow"
Vol.39 No.1
Jan. 2011
Special Issue"The Researchers /Engineers on the front line of the Gas Turbine"
Vol.38 No.6
Nov. 2010
Special Issue"Turbocharger and Compressor"
Vol.38 No.5
Sep. 2010
Special Issue"Coal Power Generation and CCS Technology"
Vol.38 No.4
Jul. 2010
Special Issue"Recent Trends in Steam Turbine"
Vol.38 No.3
May 2010
Special Issue"Recent Trends in Technology for High-temperature Gas Turbine (Part2: for Aero-engine) "
Vol.38 No.2
Mar. 2010
Special Issue"Recent Trends in Technology for High-temperature Gas Turbine (Part 1: for Power Generation)"
Vol.38 No.1
Jan. 2010
Special Issue"Facilities Required for Development, Manufacture, and Maintenance of Gas Turbines"
Vol.37 No.6
Nov. 2009
Special Issue"Utilization of Natural Energies and Microgrid"
Vol.37 No.5
Sep. 2009
Special Issue"Waste Can be used as Gas Turbine Fuel"
Vol.37 No.4
Jul. 2009
Special Issue"Surrounding Equipment and Technology Related to Gas Turbine (for GT Plant High Efficeincy Operation)"
Vol.37 No.3
May 2009
Special Issue"Gas Turbine Cycles: From the Origin to Frontiers"
Vol.37 No.2
Mar. 2009
Special Issue"Approach of High-Efficiency Technology and CO2 Reduction in Thermal Power Plants"
Vol.37 No.1
Jan. 2009
Special Issue"Maintenance of Gas Turbine"
Vol.36 No.6
Nov. 2008
Special Issue"Safety in Nuclear Plant"
Vol.36 No.5
Sep. 2008
Special Issue"Fluid Phenomena and Flow Controls"
Vol.36 No.4
Jul. 2008
Special Issue"Highlight of Japan's Aircraft Manufacturing Indusry"
Vol.36 No.3
May 2008
Special Issue"The History of Development of Gas Turbines"
Vol.36 No.2
Mar. 2008
Special Issue"The History of Development of Gas Turbines"
Vol.36 No.1
Jan. 2008
Special Issue"Utilization of Gas Turbine for Environmental Protection"
Vol.35 No.6
Nov. 2007
Special Issue"The Application of Information Technology to Engines・Power Generation Equipments"
Vol.35 No.5
Sep. 2007
Special Issue"Tribology"
Vol.35 No.4
Jul. 2007
Special Issue"Application of Large Eddy Simulation"
Vol.35 No.3
May 2007
Special Issue"Heat Transfer and Cooling Technologies in Gas Turbine"
Vol.35 No.2
Mar. 2007
Special Issue"Future Scope of Gas Turbine"
Vol.35 No.1
Jan. 2007
Special Issue"Trends in Controls Technology for GT Power Generation Unit Equipment"
Vol.34 No.6
Nov. 2006
Special Issue"Power Electronics for Generation Equipment"
Vol.34 No.5
Sep. 2006
Special Issue"Application Technologies of Alternative Fuel for a Gas Turbine"
Vol.34 No.4
Jul. 2006
Special Issue"Combined Cycle Power Plant Facilities around Gas Turbine Part 2"
Vol.34 No.3
May 2006
Special Issue"New Developments in Japanese-made Aeroengines"
Vol.34 No.2
Mar. 2006
Special Issue"Innovative Power Generation System Based on Gas Turbine Technology"
Vol.34 No.1
Jan. 2006
Special Issue"Status of Small and Middle Size Gas Turbine Technology"
Vol.33 No.6
Nov. 2005
Special Issue"Aerodynamic Noise"
Vol.33 No.5
Sep. 2005
Special Issue"Combined Cycle Power Plant Facilities around Gas Turbine"
Vol.33 No.4
Jul. 2005
Special Issue"Turbocharger"
Vol.33 No.3
May 2005
Special Issue"Maintenance and Repair Technology in Aeroengines"
Vol.33 No.2
Mar. 2005
Special Issue"Sensor for Gas Turbine, Measurement Technology"
Vol.33 No.1
Jan. 2005
Special Issue"Vibration and Rotor Dynamics"
Vol.32 No.6
Nov. 2004
Special Issue"Gas Engine System Competing with Gas Turbine System"
Vol.32 No.5
Sep. 2004
Special Issue"Reseach and Development Environmentally Compatible Propulsion System for Next Generation Supersonic Transport (ESPR)"
Vol.32 No.4
Jul. 2004
Special Issue"Computer Fluid Dynamics Analysis in Gas Turbine Research and Development"
Vol.32 No.3
May 2004
Special Issue"Gas Turbine Materials Technology"
Vol.32 No.2
Mar. 2004
Special Issue"Control of Gas Turbine"
Vol.32 No.1
Jan. 2004
Special Issue"Trend of Advanced Combustor"
Vol.32 No.3
May. 2004
Special Issue "Gas Turbine Materials Technology"
Vol.32 No.2
Mar. 2004
Special Issue "Control of Gas Turbine"
Vol.32 No.1
Jan. 2004
Special Issue "Trend of Advanced Combustor"
Vol.31 No.6
Nov. 2003
Special Issue "Advanced Fuel"
Vol.31 No.5
Sept. 2003
Special Issue "Accessories and Components for Micro Gas Turbine"
Vol.31 No.4 Jul. 2003
Vol.31 No.3
Nay. 2003
Special Issue "Trend of High Energy System Using Gas Turbine"
Vol.31 No.2
Nar. 2003
Special Issue "Advanced Materials and Processing for Gas Turbine/Technology Status"
Vol.31 No.1
Jan. 2003
Special Issue "Trend of Gas Turbine Oil, Lubrication and Bearing Technology"
Vol.30 No.6
Nov. 2002
Special Issue "Coating Technology for Gas Turbines"
Vol.30 No.5
Sept. 2002
Special Issue "Numerical Simulation of Gas Turbine Combustion Processes -Present Status and Future Trends-"
Vol.30 No.4
July. 2002
Special Issue "Report of the Research Committee on Ultra-Micro Gas Turbines"
Vol.30 No.3
May. 2002
Special Issue "Research and Development of Advanced Material Gas-Generator"
Vol.30 No.2 Mar. 2002
Vol.30 No.1 Jan. 2002
Vol.29 No.6
November. 2001
Special Issue "Environmentally Conscious Technologies in Gas Turbine Application"
Vol.29 No.5
September. 2001
Special Issue "Maintainability for Gas Turbine Hot Parts"
Vol.29 No.4
July. 2001
Special Issue "Overview Study on Ultra-Micro Gas Turbines"
Vol.29 No.3
May. 2001
Special Issue "Micro Gas Turbines"
Vol.29 No.2
Mar. 2001
Special Issue "The Investigation and Research on Monitoring Technology of Gas Turbine"
Vol.29 No.1
Jan. 2001
Special Issue "Latest Operation Management for Gas Turbine from the View of Users"
Vol.28 No.6 Nov. 2000
Vol.28 No.5 Sept. 2000
Vol.28 No.4 July. 2000
Vol.28 No.3 May. 2000
Vol.28 No.2 Mar. 2000
Vol.28 No.1
Jan. 2000
Special Issue "Super/Hyper-sonic Transport Propulsion System(HYPR)"
Vol.27 No.6 Nov. 1999
Vol.27 No.5
Sept. 1999
Special Issue "300kW Ceramics Gas Turbine"
Vol.27 No.4 July. 1999
Vol.27 No.3
May. 1999
Special Issue "Technology of Combined Cycle Power generation for Next Decade"
Vol.27 No.2 Mar. 1999
Vol.27 No.1 Jan. 1999
Vol.26 No.103 Dec. 1998
Vol.26 No.102
Sept. 1998
Special Issue "Computation of Heat and Fluid Flows"
Vol.26 No.101
Jun. 1998
Special Issue "Reliability Improvement of Aero Gas Turbine Engines"
Vol.25 No.100 Mar. 1998
Vol.25 No.99
Dec. 1997
Special Issue "Air Filtration Technologies for Gas Turbines"
Vol.25 No.98
Sept. 1997
Special Issue "100kW Automotive Ceramic Gas Turbine Development Project"
Vol.25 No.97
Jun. 1997
Special Issue "Progress and Perspectives for Increasing Turbine Inlet Temperature and Thermal Efficiency of Gas Turbines"
Vol.24 No.96
Mar. 1997
Special Issue "Turbocharger"
Vol.24 No.95
Dec. 1996
Special Issue "Marine Gas Turbine" and "Application of Methanol to Power Generating System"
Vol.24 No.94 Sept. 1996
Vol.24 No.93
Jun. 1996
Special Issue "Reliability Improvement of Gas Turbine"